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Affect Metals

Fine Silver Rings by Affect Metals

Fine Silver Rings by Affect Metals

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 Hand forged rings made from fine silver

Affect Metals is a contemporary chainmail line designed and constructed in Los Angeles, CA. Each piece is hand woven, link by link, by Abe Heath, a non-binary queer artist. Ranging from full chain garments, to lingerie, to everyday jewelry, Affect Metals aims to create lush, extravagant, and divine chain-ware. 

Metal here is thought of as being a sort of queer armor, something that is both protective and distinct. Each piece is made with the intention to encourage play, empower, and protect the wearer. While this queer armor is truly meant for everyone, Abe’s interest in metalwork stemmed from their desire to make fetish objects designed specifically for the lives and bodies of queer and trans people. However, Affect Metals aims to create contemporary armor for people to protect themselves with in the everyday. 


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